Sunday, June 23, 2013

Musical Instruments etc

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It would be nice to have the ability to play those classic buffet clarinet at WWBW or any other musical instruments. When I was young I tried to play guitar but I only got to learned the chords to Line to Heaven and after that no more. lol! I think it's a little less complicated to just sing that learn how to play. So I end up  with the choir while some of my classmates end up playing the piano and violin. Now, I am just glad that my daughter is showing signs that she wanted to play the violin. And lucky us that in her new school there are classes for it. And the fee is way cheaper than other music schools. I am hoping that the music class will pushed through and hoping against hope that this will help her focus and concentrate. Which unfortunately as of now she lacks.

So Far, So Good

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...hopefully! :) I'm talking about my daughter's adjustment period in the new school. On the first few days, I got teary eyed whenever I send her to school. I wish I could help her carry her big bag to her room but unfortunately it's not allowed. As school day goes by I realized just how much she has grown. That in the past three years I have put in her in a box because of my fear of the unknown. It does not help that those who masked themselves as professional would tell how threatening big schools are. I wished that somehow in the past, I have prepared our little girl for this day. But hey, I'll just put those experienced in a box labeled as lesson learned. I am happy right now because I can see how happy the little girl is with her new school. Happier even because she realized that the move is for her benefit because as she say in her own words "she learned more because she have lots of teacher who knows a lot". I don't want to go into details because I promised myself not to dwell in the negative. I just hope the best for my daughter in the future!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


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Not my favorite chore but one I have to do now that the uniform of the little girl needs ironing. Today I have to do just that after visiting a store like Premier Mounts Store. I am now tired but excited because tomorrow is the start of school of my little girl. It's another chapter in our life and I know she'll have a grand time because she'll be learning a lot both mentally and spiritually. I know we are not that prepared but I told myself that she can learn as school progress. I have faith in her that she'll be having fun in her new school!

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